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            The first one in China has the registration of jellyfish in EU
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            Tel:86-417-6887667 86-417-6887663
            Address:Area A, Green Industrial Park, Bayuquan, Yingkou City, Liaoning China

            You are the   th friend

            Ladies and Gentlemen:
            As a joint-venture company, YINGKOU OCEAN FOOD CO., LTD was reorganized by the all the staffs of YINGKOU SEA HORSE AQUATIC CO., LTD which was one of the "Top Ten Excellent Enterprise" awarded by China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment(CAEFI) .

            Dedicated to jellyfish import-export business for over twenty years, our company has obtained great reputation in international market. As one of the biggest import-export trader of jellyfish in China, our company has got HACCP certification and registration, and became the first and only one company in China to have EU Registration of jellyfish.

            Our company has been awarded "Creditable and Prestigious Enterprise in Chinese Market" by Economic Survey Department of China Socio-Economic Survey Institute, "Top Ten Famous Seafood Products" by China Market Brands Strategic Management Union and "High Quality Farm Produce" by Shenyang International Agricultural Exposition 2006. The products of our company have been exported to Japan, Korea, USA, Canada, France, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Australia, Singapore, Honking, Taiwan and many other countries and districts. We have founded a sub company in Los Angeles USA.

            As the leading company in YINKGOU city, our company has joined the project of standard agricultural demonstration base sponsored by China Federation of Supply and Marketing cooperatives. The CEO of our company is also the chairman of both Yingkou Jellyfish Association and Gaizhou Jellyfish Association.

            We assure that all customers both international and domestic will be warmly welcomed!

            Copyright @ 2008-2010 All rights reserved YINGKOU OCEAN FOOD CO., LTD

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